Interior Design - il segreto per l'#homedecor

Interior Design - the #homedecor secret

If until recently interior design was intended only for glossy magazines, Hollywood stars and luxury homes, finally thanks to the advent of social networks that allow us to share every aspect of our life and our work, interior design is also having its moment of glory.

Thanks to Tik Tok, in which hashtags such as #homedecor #interiordesign and #homedesign are all the rage, in which we see people passionate about furniture create their homes with a unique and unrepeatable style.

But what do these creators have in common and what are the objects that make their homes trendy? Meanwhile, let's start by saying that not everything has to be expensive or from a famous brand, on the contrary, the art of knowing how to mix low-cost products with high-end products makes the realization of the project of our homes fun and stimulating.

Off to "thrifting", or the purchase of vintage furniture and home accessories that you can find in second-hand markets, which will be accompanied by unique design pieces such as the Wassily chairs by Marcel Breuer.

Or again, combinations between the very famous Billy from Ikea and a "statement mirror" like Ultrafragola, the very famous mirror by Ettore Sottsass. We are also seeing the return of one of the coolest sofas, the Camaleonda by Mario Bellini, which we have seen appearing before in the homes of the most famous influencers but which is slowly becoming an investment piece for us "mere mortals".

The fashion for chrome is back, so let's go in search of chandeliers, table and floor lamps with rounded or simply unique and unobtainable shapes, which recall the 80s and the space age, to be combined with more contemporary furnishings to create something unique and personal. Take a look at our Banci archive ceiling chandeliers that are inspired by this movement and create the home of your dreams.

In short, in 2023 the watchword is "mixing". Mixing pieces that come from different eras but which, if well combined, will create a trendy and fashionable environment. Combine our Pera chandelier (available online very soon) with the fantastic Barcelona armchair by Mies Van Der Rohe, 80s and 30s that meet and create a perfect match.

Or again, our Virgola chandelier created in collaboration with Luca Bojola, with a rounded look as the trend of the moment requires, combined with leather chairs with black profiles to recreate an Industrial mood that we adore so much.


Photo credit: ig @redrolz

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