"A unique experience, an immersion in the Banci Caveau, where objects of inestimable value are found"

Imagine yourself on an Indiana Jones-style mission, looking for a hidden treasure that has never been found.Finally, after so many challenges, you have arrived at the opening of that lost Vault and...

Imagine yourself as a powerful lord or lady, who already has everything a person could want. Until they inform you that there is a Vault in which it is possible to find objects that only a few can have...

This is what we want to express when we present the Banci Caveau in collaboration with Marika Tardio.
An unrepeatable experience, the discovery of limited edition products, treasures in the form of lighting and furnishing accessories.
Luxury in its purest form.
  • The Caveau

    A design that is discovery, exclusivity and uniqueness. All enclosed in the Banci Caveau.
  • Boboli Collection

    Boboli, the famous Florentine garden inspires this richly decorated collection that takes us back to the beauty of the Renaissance and its romanticism.
  • Palazzo Strozzi

    Strozzi, historic building in the heart of Florence which, thanks to its past history, inspires us to give life to this opulent and elegant collection of chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps.
  • Villa Stibbert

    Stibbert, one of the most famous villas in the Florentine area, prompted us to create this collection of incomparable charm that will enrich your environment.